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Bitoku Submission for the Solana
2022 Summercamp Hackathon

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Founding  Story

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Additional info:

  1. We are starting to run our own Solana validator. Already have rackspace in a datacenter in Michigan ASN 53292. No other validator at that ASN yet. Server is on its way there, we expect to go live before the end of August.
  2. Check out the live RightNow app here: (Running on Devnet, feel free to play around).
  3. Check the current status of our Bitoku crowdfunding (using the RightNow protocol and a San Diego Auction):



  • The Platinum Nodes have 6x the rewards power compared to the regular Founders Nodes.
  • Platinum are only being offered in PRIVATE to clients of our founder’s previous company Antsle. None of the videos and other collateral used for the private crowdfunding have been made public.
  • Find links to the crowdfunding videos here: vid1 vid2 vid3.
  • We have currently raised ~ $450k, most of which in the first 12 seconds after the launch (July 9, 9am PDT).
  • We will start the PUBLIC sale of Founders nodes this fall, marketed mainly via YouTube influencers.
  • We aim to raise $10M+ in the public sale this fall.
  • The public sale will be ongoing for a long time, i.e. the San Diego ascending auction will keep running for a few years, constantly bringing in revenues from node sales, until all 50,000 Founders nodes are sold off.