The Bitoku Affiliate Program

Bitoku Affiliate

We value people like you who believe in our vision to add the missing storage layer to smart contract blockchains.

With the Bitoku affiliate program, you can make significant extra OKU earnings by finding people in your social circle to buy nodes using your personal affiliate link.

Why Become a Bitoku Affiliate

Setting Up Your Affiliate Link

Your affiliate name can be any string of up to 16 letters and/or numbers.

Please note that the name will be case insensitive, so if you create a group named Bernie, people signing up to bernie or berNiE will also add to your earnings.

In order to protect the network and our on-chain database from spam, we are charging a 1 SOL protective fee to create your affiliate group.

We recommend you only create the group when you see yourself bringing in one or more others who will purchase nodes through your link.

You only need to pay once and it’s gonna be good for both the platinum and public nodes sale.

An individual can be an affiliate with or without owning a node.

On the confirmation page, you will be given a signup link. This will be your affiliate link that you get to share with your social circle.

When your partner(s) click on the link, they will be asked to create a NodeStore account (if they don’t have one yet), and then to sign up for your affiliate group. They need a small amount of SOL in their wallet for that to cover transaction fees, so please let them know.

After they’ve signed up, they can just go to the regular NodeStore at anytime.

No need to worry about the group name again, because it will be engraved in their NodeStore account from the time of signup onwards.

Your partners will see a little yellow banner in their NodeStore, constantly reminding them that they are part of your group and are earning extra.

How To Monitor Your Earnings

Just go to MyNodes to view your earnings panel. If you are not an affiliate, your MyNodes page will look like this.

But if you are an affiliate and at least 1 has signed up, you will see the “Your Earnings from your Partners” section on your MyNodes page.

Each of your partners will earn 5% more. Every time they collect, you will get that same amount and it will be sent straight to your collected rewards.