The Bitoku Team

We’re a passionate bunch from all walks of life.

We’re dedicated to bringing a  Blockchain Storage Layer to Web3 & DeFi!

Bernie Blume

Founder and CEO Bitoku

Bernie is a serial entrepreneur. He started Antsle in San Diego, reinventing the Private Cloud. Ran Xionet in Germany for 10 years with 100 employees, helping large telecoms (Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom, Telekom Austria) developing and testing their mission-critical IT systems. Managed large software projects at Lufthansa and IBM. Contributing to Bitoku software development to quite some degree these days.

Chris Yoshida


Has been a hero in IT sales and marketing for long time. Lastly Ingram Micro, and several Fortune 500 companies as well as Silicon Valley startups before.

Emil Mendoza

Anything numbers (a.k.a. Finance)

Any company will fail without a competent and motivated person in charge of finance and all other metrics. Emil has proven he is that person for startups, the federal government and Antsle. Happy to have Emil on board for Bitoku.

Pubudu Gokarella

Development Manager

Pubudu is building up and coaching the dev team with an entrepreneurial focus. Building up our systems for social media (Discord etc), and hiring more devs. Yes, he was the one who hired Kaveen.

Kaveen Laksitha


Doing the real work - developing the front end and backend for our blockchain-related software. He is a wizard in JavaScript/React as well as Rust and Anchor. Consumes a lot of coffee tea.

Jennifer Mendoza

Office Manager

Without Jen, none of us could do our job, neither in development nor marketing. All our communications and graphical design go through her hands. She's monitoring where things are going and taking corrective action.

Devin Munasinghe


Devin is our latest hire on the development end. Working closely with Kaveen - after all the two have been roommates in college. Devin is learning Rust in high-speed mode these days.

Brad Kuhl

Community Management

Brad went from Bitoku enthusiast to team member. Early on, he was helping the community through his role as an early node owner anyhow. He was recently onboarded to officially take on the community management role, as well as running our own Bitoku Solana validator node.